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08 November 2017


Jonathan Sentgeorge, President

Joshua Peck, Vice-President

Sylvia McCray, Secretary/Treasurer

Douglas Bailey, SE District Representative

Sherman Miller, SW District Representative

Karin Zeppuhar, FSC

Gilbert Roman, FSC

Laurence Plymire, PSP

Brian Jacobs, FSC

Shappell Kissinger, FSC

1. Call to Order:

Mr. Jonathan Sentgeorge opened the meeting on November 8th, 2017, (18:24) being held at Red

Lion Hotel, Harrisburg, PA with the above persons present. Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance to the US

Flag followed by a moment of silence.

2. Old Business:

A. Sylvia McCray–(Acting) Secretary/Treasurer

1. Minutes for meeting on August 16th, 2017 read into record.

a. Motion to approve by L. Plymire. Second D. Bailey.

b. Unanimous approval for minutes.

3. New Business:

A. Jonathan Sentgeorge. Local 304 president.

1. Grievances.

a. New Castle Youth Development Center.

1. The grievance was withdrawn with subject that the contract

security still kept on to work after the state security officers were eliminated. Due to the

facility being reposted for sale and the fact that there is no longer any career potential there.

also, the primary reason they kept the contract security was due to the media attention at

the site.

b. There are currently 4 grievances in process concerning “failure to

follow policy.”

2. There have been conversations with insurance representatives to find out

about getting supplemental insurance for the Park Ranger 1’s. In addition, the potential to

have policies for short-term disability insurance. The Commonwealth would have to sign-off

with the insurance company for this to go further. The insurance company needs the

Commonwealth to make arrangements for their payment to be made with deductions from

the workers paychecks. Hence, several details yet to be worked through.

B. Joshua Peck, Vice-President

1. We lost District Representatives Robert Feil and Gary Miller due to transfer to other

positions and thus a different union of representation.

2. We have volunteers to be replacements for these two (2.)

a. Sherman Miller, HVC.

b. Vincent Skillings, TSH.

3. We still need to find a suitable replacement for the acting secretary/treasurer.

4. We still have 5 work sites without a steward and we could use additional District


5. There were 3 scheduled arbitrations.

a. 2 for Department of Military Veteran Affairs.

1. Subject was “Essential Employees required to stay without any type

of compensation when other state employees were released to leave. “We lost this one because of

a previous decision in another arbitration with a similar subject. The arbitrator refused to rule

against a fellow arbitrator.

2. Delaware Valley Veteran Home– Grievance from July, 2015. The

Commonwealth offered to settle by giving the officer his lost pay and leave compensation. Officer

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